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We can decrease the spirits industry’s wood dependency by 90% through our sustainable maturation process that utilizes less than 10% of the wood that is required in traditional barrel-aging.

Add the depth and character of barrel-aging without excess CO2 emissions, aging loss, or years in warehousing while saving trees and reducing deforestation. By providing sustainable maturation on a contract basis we address consumer demand for premium products and improve speed-to-market for retailers and manufacturers while reducing carbon footprints and enterprise emissions. Two Trees Beverage Co. provides third-party manufacturing for private label, new and established beverage brands that are looking for ways to reduce CO2 emissions, diversify portfolios, and improve taste experiences.

Our 1,000-gallon system can produce and sustainably mature spirits at scale to the volume equivalent of approximately 20 barrels of aged product per tank, per day. Brands that utilize Two Trees’ sustainable approaches can use the Sustainably Matured™ logo to indicate their proactive approach in reducing their carbon footprint.

FACTS: Consumers are increasingly buying products from eco-cognizant companies. 81% of global respondents to a Nielsen survey feel companies should help improve the environment.

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