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Add the depth and character of barrel-aging without excess CO2 emissions, aging loss, or years in warehousing while saving trees and reducing deforestation.

Our process for sustainably maturing beer and wine utilizes less than 2% of the wood that is used in traditional barrel-aging. We offer barrel-aged concentrates which sustainably mature wine and beer, including IPAs. These compounds are pre-oxidized and contain antioxidants to reduce free radical compounds in the fermented product while providing finishing touches to deliver premium wood-crafted taste. Beer companies can expand their flavor profiles by building from their core beers or test how much further products like IPAs, darker beers and beer with higher ABV can improve with sustainable maturation. In fact, this method is the only one of its kind to produce barrel-aged flavor in an IPA. For brands that are already barrel-aged, adding the Two Trees extract can produce “double-barrel” premium results. Alternatively, the extracts are also used to provide balance to sour beers. Brands that utilize Two Trees’ sustainable approaches can use the Sustainably Matured™ logo to indicate their proactive approach in reducing their carbon footprint.

“Our sustainable solutions are solving many issues simultaneously. We can sustainably address the global shortage of sufficiently aged stock with less supply chain risk factors. As demand and costs rise faster than supply, we can help brands provide a consistent product without having to put products on allocation or shorting orders.” – Chris Sellers

FACTS: Consumers are increasingly buying products from eco-cognizant companies. 81% of global respondents to a Nielsen survey feel companies should help improve the environment.

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